Sleep Apnea Masks for Side Sleepers, is the Choice Simple?

CPAP masks are one of the most essential parts of CPAP therapy. Each of the five types of CPAP masks incorporates specific design features to meet the needs of all ages, sexes and sizes of patients. Patients who thrash around a lot in their sleep and struggle to maintain a good seal around their mask should try a Full Face Mask, which allows the individual to breathe through the mouth or the nose.

Full Face Mask

The ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask is an excellent example of a full face mask that has been streamlined to fit well, have a superior seal and yet feel ultralight on the face. Replacement parts and the full mask are available through Amazon without a prescription to save you some money. Reviews by customers report that the Quattro masks are effective CPAP masks for side sleepers, as they hold their air seals well and are comfortable in that lateral position.

Nasal CPAP Mask

Nasal CPAP Masks allow patients to breathe through their noses with no obstruction while sleeping. Once the nasal mask is properly fitted and adjusted, it will not leak nor cause discomfort. Nasal masks help patients decrease their respiratory rate and keep it consistent while lowering systolic blood pressure. The effort to inhale and exhale is greatly reduced and made more consistent with no gaps or shallowness.

FlexiFit CPAP Nasal Masks accommodate a wider range of facial shapes than most masks and provides more range of motion at the nasal bridge with a swivel that allows the hose to move in any direction. With this freedom of movement, all the forms of the FlexiFit are great CPAP masks for side sleepers, especially the FlexiFit HC407 Nasal CPAP Mask. Sleeping on the side is the best position for sleep apnea sufferers, as the gravitational pull on the throat muscles is smaller in the lateral position.

Oral CPAP Masks

Oral CPAP Masks provide therapy for mouth breathers and also for those individuals with chronic nasal obstructions. This is the smallest of the CPAP masks and does not block the user’s line of vision when worn.

Nasal pillow CPAP Masks

For the patients that give up on CPAP therapy because they cannot stand wearing the mask, they should first try the Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask before giving up. This mask has little physical contact with the face and are much less intrusive while allowing more comfort, especially as CPAP masks for side sleepers.

While the CPAP machine ‘splints’ the patient’s airway open so the patient can breathe during sleep, the nasal pillow gently delivers the air.

Additional Info

Adding a cervical pillow to keep the head in a positive position that reduces apnea episodes will add to the user’s overall comfort for a good night’s sleep.

CPAP therapy is most effective when the user has a great fitting, comfortable and properly sealing CPAP mask. Try several different kinds until you find the one that feels great to you. Do not give up because the original mask you were given doesn’t work for you!


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