FlexiFit HC407 Nasal CPAP Mask Fits Comfortably For A Good Night’s Sleep

The effectiveness of CPAP therapy is most dependent on the patient’s ability to sleep with their air mask on and more importantly, to sleep comfortably this way. Choosing the correct mask that fits your face and other needs the best, is crucial to enabling you to consistently participate in this life-saving therapy.
FlexiFit HC407 nasal CPAP mask review
Many people balk at wearing a full face mask and refuse to use their CPAP machines if they have to wear such a device but fortunately there are other masks available. One that is well worth checking out is the FlexiFit HC407 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear.

The FlexiFit is designed to be exactly that, a flexible fit for different sizes and shapes of heads and faces. It adjusts to a wider range of face shapes as well as a greater range of motion than other types of CPAP masks.

The FlexiFit HC407 Nasal CPAP Mask has an enhanced diffuser type of design with a foam cushion that is unique in shape combined with a headgear offering a stable and quite comfortable fit. It is easy to take off and put on and offers great freedom of movement while being worn, so the wearer can turn over and change sleeping positions.

These masks are great CPAP masks for side sleepers. Produced by Fisher and Paykel, the mask and headset comes fully assembled and ready to wear right out of the box. The unique inner cushion has a secure air seal and the mask conforms to a variety of nose and nasal bridge shapes.

The silicone seal has a frosted texture to help it seal completely. The glider strap is an anti-leak system that connects the mask frame to the headgear for stability. Yet as the head turns, it slides across the frame so that the seal’s pressure remains uniform no matter what the user’s sleep position is.

The headgear for this mask is elasticized, keeping the seal stable whether the head moves from side to side or up and down. The whole mask and headgear set is latex free and hypoallergenic. Replacement parts can be ordered for the glider straps, the foam cushions, the headgear, the swivel connection, the hose swivel connection, the hose, the exhalation elbow for the mask and the forehead pads.

The whole mask and its parts can be ordered from various suppliers on line without a doctor’s prescription. If you are not comfortable with the CPAP mask you are currently using, give the FlexiFit HC407 a try.





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