Somnetics Transcend ii Travel CPAP Machine Review

The diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea through the nightly use of a CPAP machine has improved the health of thousands of patients worldwide. Those patients that regain their former vim and vigor and pursue active lifestyles that include travel and outdoor activities such as camping and hiking soon find that they need to acquire a CPAP machine that is better suited for travel than their home unit.

Somnetics Transcend ii Travel CPAP Machine

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With the limits on carry-on luggage or backpack space, the question is what is the most effective smallest CPAP for travel?

The Transcend ii Ultimate Travel CPAP Machine by Somnetics is one of the lightest and smallest machines on the market today and provides great sleep support for sleep apnea sufferers. It is compatible with all CPAP masks and comes with six feet of hose.

Less than one pound in weight, it is also as quiet as the best bedside units, with a sound rating of 29 dB (decibels). This sound rating is better than many other units. Its optional battery pack allows it to go wherever power is not available so it can be taken on camping, hiking, fishing and sailing trips, to isolated vacation cabins or getaways, and even into the mountains. It is capable of automatically adjusting for altitude up to 8,000 feet in height.

This versatile CPAP unit offers several power options which include:

  • The Transcend Overnight Battery
  • The Transcend Multi-Night Battery
  • The Transcend Portable Solar Charger for extended camping trips or extended outages of power.

It comes with a standard U.S. plug configuration that can easily be changed for DC current with a mobile power plug adapter. At a trim 6.1 inches by 3.5 inches by 2.8 inches, the Transcend Travel CPAP machine fits in the palm of your hand. Yet it has a zero to 45 minutes ramp feature and leak detection while collecting Advanced Therapy Tracking data, which can be accessed through an optional USB cable.

To see a demonstration of how easy this unit is to use in the field, watch the video below which shows the unit in use in the Himilayas of all places!

Transcend ii Travel CPAP Machine reviews by users are posted on several travel sites as well as forums for CPAP patients. One happy user at in the Travel Gadget and Gear Forums said:

I’ve had mine now for 7 months and have used it on several trips, including a month long stay in Italy and several domestic trips. I love how small it is and easy to pack. I pack mine in an Eagle Creek “tube cube” everything fits except for the mask which I carry separately.

My home CPAP is a Resmed Escape II which is pretty quiet. The Transcend is a bit louder, but not enough to bother me getting to sleep or staying asleep.

On top of this, most travelers with this unit have positive things to say about their experiences with using the machine and taking it aboard airplanes with different airlines and policies.

Another useful forum is for the entries containing CPAP references, the Somnetics Transcend ii travel CPAP machine review by users here confirmed that using this particular machine because of its small size and because they found it very convenient to carry on their travels were both plus points.

All in all, the Transcend unit is great for active CPAP patients who spend time in the outdoors on fishing, hunting, hiking and camping trips and need a small and portable, battery operated unit they can pack in with them. Frequent business travellers appreciate this machine for its convenience when flying. Vacationers who fly love the small size and ease of transport as well.

The take home for this model is as follows, the Somnetics Transcend ii Travel CPAP machine offers all the services of a larger bedside machine and even has the ability to actually take the place of one if the patient prefers.




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